3x9 Millionaire Machine

3x9 Millionaire Machine

It's not money falling from the sky however, it is the next best thing.  $3, refer three others, and in Nine Weeks you could be our next Millionaire.

3x9 Millionaire Machine

Welcome the next BIG THING.  It all begins with $3, three people, progressively increasing payouts, and Nine Weeks.  

We have devised a system that dwarfs all others.  If you have just $3, vision, desire, a gratitude attitude, and the ability to share the process with just three others, you can indeed become the next online Millionaire.  Don't believe it?  It's a mathematical certainty and if you've got $3, you can plug in now . .

But first, let's discover or re-discover exactly what makes this not only possible and mathematical certainty, but also, your given right when you declare it. Below, is a short video that explains The Law of Attraction from some people who are very successful using this phenomenon, and who you might know . .

Please view the video below in its entirety to understand why we are attracting like-minded people only, to this amazing opportunity to become a millionaire in the shortest time possible, online . .

3x9 Millionaire Machine Mindset - Please view entire video.
We are like-minded people attracting like-minded people.
. .
We are seeking only those who share The Millionaire Mindset.   For we are . .
Attracting those who sincerely want the success we are speaking into existence
. .


Take the first step.  You do not have to walk the entire staircase all at once  or alone.  Just take the first step.  FAITH.  Plant a $3 seed and get three others to walk the path with you . .



The most powerful means to becoming a millionaire ever devised.  Money likes speed and there is nothng faster at providing the vehicle to monetary success than the internet . .



Find a system that works and deploy that system to the masses and you have the perfect formula for duplicaiton.  Duplication spells not just success but, success on a Massive scale 



We are worldwide.  A Global phenomenon that is providing the vehicle for ordinary folks all around the world to have a realistic potential to become an online Millionaire . .



THE 3x9 Millionaire Machine is an unique opportunity where you can earn serious money and advertise your websites!


You don't have to do anything different than you are already doing and, you'll get a lot more exposure to your other businesses.


There's a clever new way of leveraging cash that can earn you tens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars over the next few weeks and months. 

The 3x9 Millionaire Machine is a brand new online business which is allowing ordinary people to leverage just $3 into amounts up to and beyond $300,000,000 or more. And the best part is, this income is all generated from a one-time payment of just $3 to start!  

Can someone really make $300 Million?

Well, we are speaking it into exhistance besides, just 1% of this is $3,000,000!! Not too shabby. This community is completely different than anything else you have ever seen or been involved with in the past.

There is... 


*No Monthly Fee. *No Admin Fee. *NO Waiting to Cycle. *No Gambling And *No Investing.


YOU GET PAID INSTANTLY (member-to-member direct payments, no middle man). 

Plus... You will have your ad shown on 1000`s of pages and growing, through our Viral Ad Board System

This really is fast becoming 'THE' big thing on the net. This really is "THE' opportunity not to be missed.  . . 



3X9 Millionaire Machine is a 3x9 Forced Matrix. A 3x9 Forced Matrix is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine 3 people underneath you and then 9 people underneath them and so forth for all 9 levels. That is where you get the 3x9 matrix. You can refer a maximum number of 3 people directly below you.

Any future referrals will automatically be placed below one of the 3 members you referred, forcing the matrix to fill up, up to 9 levels. This is called SPILLOVER and SPILL UNDERS. Members fall into the matrix only after the payment. Invite new members using your referral page, banners and ads.

You can see your matrix stats in a real time in a chart format.

To give you an idea - a 3x9 forced matrix looks like the one below (see detailed comp plan):


In addition to our Advertising Product (shown below), you will also gain access to our Digital Webucation Library.  This library contains over $15,000 in retail value digital downloads.  The Digital Webucation Library has products ranging from health, wealth, home business, dating, cooking,  traffic generation, software, etc. (you gain addtional access as you progress to the higher Tiers).


Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  $3

Q.  Refunds?
A. No Refunds.  If you cannot affort $3, Do Not Join.

Q.  Processors?
A.  Paypal, Payza, and Solid Trust Pay (or any method both parties agree upon)

Q.  Products?
A. Non refudable advertising and Digital Downloads

Q.  How and when do I get PAID?
A.  Immediately, direct member-to-member (no middle man)


While the illustration above only shows 2 Levels or Tiers down, a 3x9 forced matrix structure will extend to 9 Tiers down (see detailed chart below).


Visualize filling up a cruise ship or a stadium . .

Tier 1 pays $3 for each of 3 sales, "seats" in the stadium. So, that's 3 (seats) x $3 = $9 total payout for this Tier (If you want to earn on higher Tiers, you must also own as seat (product), in that Tier).

Each section in the stadium, or seat, or Suite, or Tier (all one in the same), has a higher ticket price. So, in the real world - each Tier has a new product and a higher ENTRY point or cost, for that product.

Example 2:

Let's say you own Tier 3 (have a paid seat in that section, yourself) then, you would earn $729 total for that Tier (27 seats x $27 each = $729).

Likewise for Tiers 5, 6, and 7, you're looking at . .

** $59,049 for Tier 5 | ** $531,441 for Tier 6 | ** $4,782,469 for Tier 7 *

We wouldn't dare print Tiers 8 and 9 (too much to print here)

***You are paid as you go, Tiers do not need to be completely filled . .


* 2000 Ad Credits * 1 Digital Download from our Webucation Library -- Cost $3


Click on the button and start your journey today then, get three others to walk the path with you


  • “It really is amazing that you can start with $3 and amass financial abundance.  The key is to STOP worrying about HOW it is going to come to you and just ALLOW it to come.  I took the first leap of faith, if you can call $3 bucks that.  I went out and got 9 people to walk the path with me.  The results have been mind-boggling.”

    Deborah Talley
    -- so excited
  • “This stuff is really Powerful.  I mean not only is The Law of Attraction at work here in a jaw dropping way, the speed of the internet makes this almost like instant gratitude.  It feels amazing to actually make substantial money from $3, three referrals, and Nine Weeks.  Well, I have only been in a week.  I can't wait until I hit the Nine Weeks mark.  And, it even goes way beyond that too.  By Christmas time, it's going to be very merry.”

    Brad Deminski
    -- follow the path
  • “I m absolutely going wonkers over this.  I put my $3 in.  I put this gorgious site in front of as many eye-balls as I could.  The result dumb founded me.  I am not only walking with my initial three referrals, i am walking with over 67 people.  It feels really good to have helped others walk the path.  I guess i created spillover for my first three and then some.  That's not what this program is about but, it does happen.  No, if you will just trust in the system, take the first step, and steps to follow, you too, can improve your financial fitness to amazing heights.”

    Jane M.
    -- Go Get Um



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